Tips for New Players

Everyone is a new player on a game at least once, so don’t be worried about a perceived lack of knowledge when logging in for the first time.  No one expects anyone to know everything about the game.  That said, some tips have been collected to further a new player along on their career.

  1. Check out the “auto” command.  This will give you a list of some available options that you can toggle on.  Recommendations are to turn autoloot and autogold on.  If you don’t want your fellow players to think you’re a scrooge, turning on autosplit is also recommended.
  2. Don’t spend more than 60 creation points unless you’re a very advanced player.  Going above that will increase your cost per level.  While this may not seem onerous in the lower levels, once a player reaches extended levels, the additional cost per level can be very painful.
  3. Set your defensive priority.  See “help dp” for more information.  The priority can and should be different based on the class and whatever talent(s) a character has.
  4. It is possible to purchase a reveal of a character’s talent skill and/or weave.  Each reveal costs 1000 quest points.  However, at x250 (extended level 250), the talent will be shown in the score sheet if the player has the skill already.  If the skill is not known, it will not be displayed.
  5. It is possible to reroll your talent.  This costs 1000 quest points and must be purchased from an immortal.  Ask nicely!
  6. If the timestamps on notes or the time shown when using the “time” command is difficult to translate into local time, use the “jetlag” command.  Current server timezone is UTC, so setting to “jetlag -5” will be EST, “jetlag -8” will be PST.
  7. Skills can be taught as well as gained.  Anything that costs more than 4 trains has a chance of costing less when taught, though the savings is random.  The student must have the full amount of trains required for gaining the skill when taught even though they may not all be used.  The teacher may also gain a practice for teaching the skill.  Special note:  A prerequisite skill does not have to be known in order to be taught a subsequent skill.  An example of this would be learning brawl without having hthmaster.  However, some skills must have the prerequisite skill known as well or the skill will not work.